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[Feature Request] Amputations
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What about bringing simulation of amputations into this game?
High calibre ammo and explosive rounds can pretty easily cut-off your limbs.
I think It won't be that hard to simulate. With PhysX It should be even easier.
VBS2 does simulate this (
SLX mode in A2 simulated this too..

BTW There are similar tickets like this, but not 100% exact.


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Shouldn't we focus on actual game bugs/glitches, performance drops and such, leaving requests for new features at beta stage? Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this is not the main goal for us, alpha version "reporters" to throw countless ideas for new content to Devs at current stage of game developement.

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No, we shouldn't focus only on bugs and glitches. And, BTW, I think that it could be nice if you could break your arms and legs.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help comuinty and developers to build better game for all.