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This has been an issue for me even with ARMA2. Chain link fences are inpenetrable to infantry. I know this has happend to everyone, you're moving along and maybe you're under fire, pressed for time, or you are trying to infiltrate an area and here you are scrambling up and down a fence line trying to find the conviently places break in the fencing so you can pass through. So i thought it would be great to have a peice of gear available in the items box that is a set of wire cutters to cut through chain link and possibly a few different breaching charges, like human sized shape charge to blow holes in a wall. Maybe have small animation with the use of the cutters and charges like when placing explosives. Also the cuts in the fencing dont need to be huge, just a cut halfway up the height of the fence or enough to crouch through. I guess my hope for this is it to be a part of the final product.


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