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AI always watching through binoculars
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AI spend too much time using binoculars and don't obey given orders.

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Any mission, any version.
Specialy when squad is in danger mode.

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I assume you mean binoculars, not goggles...

Having the same problem since last update.
I tried to play "whole lotta stratis" when suddenly one of my squad members wouldn't move, and always look through his binoculars :/

Still present in 1.04.111745. It's especially irritating, when you have AI JTAC in your team. Once he sees a vehicle, aircraft or UAV, he pulls out his laser designator and stands there, looking through the optics. There is no way of moving him anywhere, unless you take his designator away from him. Now, imagine this in immediate vincinity of enemy infantry or under fire, which often is the case.

oukej added a comment.Feb 5 2015, 10:00 AM

This has expired. The AI does not use binoculars anymore.