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Random Crashin/ Maybe poor setting optim. on my part
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Hello - I keep getting random crashes throughout my Arma 3 experience and I can't seem to find a smooth setting setup for optimal play. I'll be able to run it on very high(which it auto detects and I've tuned down some times) smoothly until say i get in a helicopter ( I understand this may have to do with draw distance and object creation) - however It doesn't matter if I decrease both significantly - neither seem to make it improve by much. I apologize if this seems like a noob post or irrelevant but I was wondering if some light could be shed on the situation and I be able to find a smooth play through setting lol. {F19264} {F19265}


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Game Crash
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my system - laptop
os - windows 8 64
graphics card- NVIDIA GeForce 680m 4 GB VRam
RAM - 24 GB
Processor - Intel i7 - 3840QM CPU @ 2.80GHZ 2.80GHZ base - 3.8 turbo-boost

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Just to help out Bohemia

Change the category of this ticket to Game Crash

and set your severity to a high value

I can't seem to change the severity but I changed the topic issue

Can you please upload .bidmp and .mdmp files ? Thank you.


C:\Users\Joshua R. Morgan\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Alpha\arma3_2013-05-03_21-27-53.mdmp

I uploaded the .bidmp - I can't seem to upload the .mdmp because of the maximum file size limit. The .mdmp has a file size of 10,802 k

@jrmorgan1014, compress any files above the 2k limit into a zip then I found the best way is to put it into a public folder of my DropBox account or Google Drive (or any other cloud storage service) and then pass the link on into here.

It's great because you control what's in the service at all times and plus the links don't expire until you delete the file from the cloud storage.

Good idea - I've added them all to a compressed file on my google docs and have made it publicly accessible here's the link.

Do you have stil this issue? Do you remember, what did you do when crash happened?
I mean crash from which are crash dumps on google docs. Thank you.

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