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Vehicle & box lifting in vanille version [Chopper lifting]
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Creating an dropping waypoint. Where the AI can drop something what has being lifted by the chopper.
With an code like moveInCargo you can maybe make it it will be lifted automatically? (E.Q. This liftedBy chopper1)
And then place an waypoint dropping for that chopper so it will hover low and drop the ammo crate or the vehicle on that spot?
Would be an nice feature.
And of course it will be working too for in multiplayer for the players.
So not only the AI can do it.

Positive points:
-Nice feature
-Better tactical gameplay
-Something no other game has
-Lifting vehicles (Obviously)
-More realism

Negative points:


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This is a very good idea, but I think the helicopters that are currently in the game can't cary a lot of cargo. Maybe if they add the Chinook it could lift jeeps, boats and other vehicles like in the picture.

Yeah I know :-) Even though they ain't gonna do feature's in Alpha.
Features will come in full game. Hope they got Chinooks then.
And of course Littlebirds can't do that haha. :-)

Oh and the DEVS could be able to use and edit the A2 OA Chinook. If they change the animations and the texture / graphic then they already have an Chinook for it. :-)

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

@CSR Kryssar

Is there also an way for the AI to do it ? So both Player and AI can do it if its possible?

Well, if the player can do it why couldn't the AI?

Not completely like that.. Thats just an very bad script lol..
Just want to create it awesome and good..
And for an vanille version it could be usefull no nonsense scripts and be allowed on every server. :) Much easier!