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Freeze-crash on control change (can't reproduce)
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The game crash when I set "use selected action" as primary mouse button. The mouse worked but it froze, so I switched to desktop and got a Windows message saying Arma 3 stopped working. {F19236}


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Game Freezes
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Can't reproduce.

  1. Make an OPFOR and BLUFOR group in the editor, player as BLUFOR rifleman.
  2. Give seek and destroy waypoints to them, leading to each other.
  3. During the fight, go to controls and drag Prim. Mouse Button to "use selected action".
  4. Game froze with mouse active.

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To solve your problem we need dxdiag and files from this folder: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Alpha\"

Can you pack the files in winrar and upload it somewhere please?
When the *.rar will be smaller than 2.097k, you can attach it here. Thank you.

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