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In editor TAB out to desktop cause problems
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When using the Editor i tab ALOT out to desktop to get scripts and different things.

but if you do anything / Open windows/go to webbrowzer the game pops up again, quite annoying as it wasnt like this is Arma 2.

Also, when tabbing out of the game and go back, when launch game at nighttime the screen gets all white and blue.


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Ctrl + TAB


Open webbrowser or any window. (documents)

Game comes up again.

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As we have to alt-tab most of time while testing ARMA III we know about the color issue during night and working on it.

To the other problem - when you alt-tab to other window you switch priority to other program so fullscreen ARMA seems to "dissapear". But when you close the other window or minimize it it's priority falls and it can lead to open ARMA fullscreen when no higher priority window was opened before opening the closed/minimized one. So this is not quite a bug as it is Windows OS feature.

If your issue have different "symptoms" let us know and we will look into it.

Thank you.

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Alright, yeah i ment Alt tab ofc. sorry.

I just didnt have this problem when mission making in Arma 2.
Thanks for the Reply CSR Kryssar

Anyway thank you for your report and keep up the good work for the game and community.