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Arma 3 not running out of steam.
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This has been a HUGE problem with alot of my friends and me. We all (like 5 of us) got Arma 3 Alpha on steam yesterday (April 30th) and the Application wont run. After pressing play, or play in windowed mode, it acts like it will launch for a split second, then nothing happens. Ive been looking for solutions but have found none. Any advise please? (More info) This is what I do. I log into steam, I go to Arma 3. I click play, A box pops and ads askes for window or the other, ive tried both, I click witch ever one, it says Arma 3 Launching for a fraction of a second, then steam says its working for like a second, and then nothing.


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This should be filed as a bug report proper, not seeking advice, try to give BI as much details of the process as possible, which alpha version are you using? the default build or the dev build? Give them your DXDiag, give them the error report Arma 3 creates when it crashes, and change the severity for this ticket.

Edit this ticket to change the severity of it and other details and if you don't know how to do the other things, at the very top right of this site there is a "HOW TO GUIDE" in a red button that explains everything else.

i love when people complain about non-bugs in arma 3 thinking they are problems...... i love it.

ArmA 3 is an Steam Exclusive game so far, i think you never thought of that, or you never played a game that requires steam always open, and no, this is not DRM, you dont need to be online, just logged in to steam

That's DRM...

Please can you provide us with detailed repro steps and description of your issue?

No, this is not DRM, mulledk, DRM means to be always online, this kind of games just need you to log in to steam, after that, disconnect from internet and you can still play arma 3, same is happening with just cause 2

@Dr Death
Steam is a type of DRM. Firstly you need to be logged into a service, which is a form of DRM, which in this case is Steam. And you need a CD key or game activation code which is another form of DRM. It then checks the Steam servers if your credentials are correct, which is online activation, which is a form of DRM. Then every time you log into Steam it verifies that you have the proper credentials to play a game, which in this case is Arma 3, which is yet another form of DRM.

If you want proof of this, don't log into Steam and try running the game from the .exe in its install folder. It will deny you the privilege of playing the game unless Steam is running.

DRM has been around since the days of floppy disks, it take all various forms. Always online DRM is but a small piece of the DRM pie.

@Dr Death: You clearly have no idea what DRM is.

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Unable to reproduce in the latest dev build. Closing, since the ticket has been inactive for a long time.

If you are still able to reproduce the issue, please ask for this ticket to be re-opened. (Either send me a PM on the BI forums or create a ticket referencing this one.)