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No Detection of sound device switch
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This issue has been carried over from Arma 2, During play or even Main menu once a user switches his audio device, e.g. Plugs in headphones or switched the default in windows sound settings. Arma will not detect the change and no sound will be played even if a user switches back to the old sound device.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run game
  2. Switch audio device, e.g. the windows default device changes or unplug headphones.
  3. No sound is played

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This happens to me too. This is a big problem for me because my headphones turn off when there is no sound to save energy, and my computer treats it as changing my sound device.

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Similarly, this happened to me too lastnight when I was trying on my new gaming headset. Sometimes you want to switch to main speakers and so as I pull out the headset USB, the game sound stops entirely.

you're like "Okay...." and so you plug it back in. Sound is still not recognized and you have to restart whole game.

Like the author noted, interchangeable devices should be allowed because you don't always want to stick to one source for 3-5 hrs.

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