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Over last couple days game crahes. Crash does'nt appear to be associated with anything other than general gameplay. It's has started recently though using new bianaries an latest Dev builds, where as b4 on stable I was able to play continually for hrs without crashing. Last time i experienced frequent crashes was when the scopes on rifles an backpack crahes were occuring. Players in my server said that when I crashed, it htru uop in game an error with Steam tickets or somthing to that effect. I had seen this b4 with other clients will try an get actual error message an update {F19215} {F19216}


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Tried to upload mdmp an rpt but file upload fails do to file size

Can you please upload .rpt and .mdmp files to some free sharing services? Thank you.

Outdated. Open a new ticket if new issues arise.