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Increase apparentness of horizon and colour variation in skybox
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The skybox/skydome in Arma 3 features low colour variation, and the horizon is very indistinct.

Anything beyond the view distance of terrain appears as the same pale blue colour (assuming nice weather) of the skybox, even if it's obviously below the viewer. This is especially apparent when usign low terrain view distances.

Expected: Horizon line should be more apparent. Land and ocean below the horizon line should be distinct from the sky (since all official terrains are islands, safe to assume that anything below horizon in skybox = ocean?)


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Without horizon reference, flying an aircraft can be difficult than it should be, even at low altitudes.

Also, fog is currently the same pale blue colour to match the sky box at/below the horizon, which is not very realistic. Fog should appear white, and only fade blue when viewed at long distance.

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