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Add recoil recentering
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After you fire your gun's aim is affected by the shot and goes up and slightly to either side, but doesn't fall back down to the original point of aim like in most normal FPS games and even Arma 2. Please add this feature as it would make the game feel much more natural.


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Go fire a gun in arma 2 and watch its crosshiar fall back to the original point of aim, now go fire a gun in arma 3 and watch it's crosshair stay where it is after firing.

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Sniping and long distance engagements have always been too easy compared to real life in Arma 2. You can just point and shoot and kill almost anything at all ranges within seconds.

This is fixed by the heavy recoil in Arma 3. It makes long range shooting take much more effort to pull off. The recoil itself and how it is done may not be realistic, but the gameplay result is. Now players actually have to consentrate when aiming and they will not always hit at medium to long ranges.

I say bis should leave Arma 3 recoil where it is

Gepardenk, the aim for the game is for realism, not gameplay, even if this makes it harder, in real life the gun's recoil draws off and it gets recentered again. They should modify the recoil

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Duplicate of #2425.