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Collection of thoughts on how to make driving vehicles more realistic
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My thoughts on how to improve the overall driving experience in ArmA III. Feel free to comment, review or to add your own thoughts. I will insert them, provided I remember. :D
Note that I've listed *all* of my thoughts. I've marked (more or less) urgent things with a star (*).
Also, most thoughts refer on-road driving with cars.

  1. Improve sound.

Sound specifically needs some work on those sections:
a) Sound of quad at top speed is buggy: Constantly repeating accelerate noise.

  • b) Braking sound is really bad and also quite general. (I actually think I have already heard the sound somewhere)
  • c) The braking sound also occurs in certain cases when "drifting" at high speeds on the road. This sounds very strange.

d) Add unterground-dependent sound. (asphalt, concrete, gravel, (rain), etc)
e) Engine sound should have some random noise. (misfire etc) Currently it's always the same sound.

  1. Improve general handling and driving athmosphere.
  2. a) Driving over a bush does make it "fall" (don't know the right word), but does not cause any damage. Because of that, you often even try to avoid

them because you know they don't mean anything. Making them cause a scratching noise (causing the driver to notice it and think "oh shit, I have damaged the
car") and some damage will do the job.
b) Signs are too small, not really frequent and/or complete and too late and too difficult to read when driving fast. All this makes driving without

looking at the map all the time or having a copilot. My advice:

		I) At crossings (or T-junctions), optionally have one early sign indicating that a crossing is coming and then signs for all possible ways.
		II) Generally, make the font size bigger. Fonts of real signs aren't that thin.

c) Properly implement handbrake:

		I) A vehicle standing on a slope will roll if handbrake is not applied.
		II) Upon activation, handbrake stays activated.
		III) Upon deactivation, handbrake stays deactivated.

d) Add wipers. (Hugely improves atmosphere if graphics are done right)
e) Some aquaplaning. (Really optional)
f) Driving offroad should make the screen shake, create dust etc
g) When driving slow-medium speed (e.g. 20 km/h), the engine makes a "accelerate" noise and the speed is almost constant, even driving on a gravel
road. Add more friction and play the "roll out" noise, not the "accelerate" noise!
h) It is not possible to brake without starting the engine, i.e. if you roll (w/o engine) and press S then the engine starts.

  1. Improve graphics. (Some details, most of it looks fine)

a) Make streets more plastic. (especially gravel roads)
b) Add some random noise to the roads. {F19186}


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In the picture, you can see how light bloom (HDR) makes it impossible to read the sign.

PS: Apparently I forgot to search some of the more obvious issues, but still, I think this is a good summary.

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Well thought out...I approve, all excellent suggestions.

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