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AI sent into buildings in custom missions are not situationally aware (stare at walls)
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When you send AI units into buildings they seem to just walk into the building and remain facing in the direction they were walking- for most positions this is towards the wall. They will face outwards if they go up a flight of stairs, which physically paths them towards the outer windows or out onto the balcony.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place multiple enemy AI and put waypoints onto enterable building positions (1,2,3,4,etc).
  1. Create a player on neutral faction (or opposing really, they'll mostly be facing walls, so you can just shoot them in the back), and check to see which direction the AI are facing.
  1. Using an opposing faction player character, go around shooting the AI in the back. In none of my tests did the AI change their facing to respond to their friends being shot nearby. I used semi-auto, auto, 40mm rifle grenades, hand grenades and placed C4 charges to attempt to cause enough noise (and gratuitous carnage) to get the AI to change their facing; they didn't.

Again, for the most part the only AI that face a tactically relevant direction are the ones who's path through the building just happen to face them in a useful direction.

Additional Information

There are a couple of Arma 2 mods that essentially address this by checking to see if the AI line of sight is obstructed and facing the AI until they have an unobstructed line of sight, so hopefully this wouldn't a big time sink to fix.

Having the AI make subtle facing movements over time, changing their position slightly, would be a really nice extra- when there is more than one tactically relevant direction to face in. Otherwise it's really predictable to deal with AI in buildings, but that's just an extra wish.

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^ agree 100% with everything you said

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