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Missing water effects
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Simple particle effects for contact with water is not present atm. Especially splash effects. Notable missing effects include:

  • Rockets (from helicopters is tested) currently make ground explosions instead of a water splash.
  • Running along the shore has no ripple effects. Something similar to the ones made by bullet impact on water is enough.
  • Swimming has no ripple effects around the swimmer.
  • Crashing helicopters and people jumping into water has no splash effect.

Moving boats and bullet impact have water effects. Theese look more than good enough and it would be really nice to see similar effects on other water "activities" given Arma 3`s focus on water gameplay.


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Swim, run along the shore, shoot a rocket into the water from a helicopter and crash a helicopter into the water. Observe that splash effects are not present.

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Duplicate of #1036 and #6889.

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