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Hack Attack. Unable to play multiplayer
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I am sure you are already aware that some guy is hacking, and causing everyone in multiplayer to fly in sky. There is also a message that says: you thought you could get rid of me? Stop trying to play, and go pester BIS to get their act together, end plug this leaky bucket of a game. VE, mute 4.


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Usually just restart arma and go on single player

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For a hacker he doesn't seem to understand the concept of an Alpha does he?

"go pester BIS to get their act together, end plug this leaky bucket of a game. VE, mute 4."

Is this not, what we are doing on this Tracker? Bloody Clown.

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He is just trolling trying to get at us, I don't play online in A3. Mostly because of this, but I'm sure that he understands it's an Alpha but has no use of his life anywhere else. Or we'll stick with the simple: He's a blind idiot.

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Hacking issues are not to be tracked publicly, so this ticket is being closed.

Some fixes for the security issues have already been released in the dev build and more are on the way.