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Fires should fade out over time
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Right now, the fire for a burning vehicle wreck will burn for a limited time and will disappear instantly without any transitions. At night (when there are dynamic lights applied from the fire) - the effect is very noticeable and annoying.

It would be great if both, the fire effect and the dynamic light, would fade out over time (also synced in multiplayer).


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i agree, adding also that vehicle fires should burn for much, much longer than they do currently.

is it possible to keep them burning and fading gradually until a lengthy timeout, or the game needs to free resources under heavy load(for example, too many fires; too many AI; etc)

Also fire needs to have that ability to spread from 1 source to another object thus creating a new source of flames, until there is nothing that can catch alight nearby.

Can the possibility of burned buildings be possible if they are made out of wood? Should the fire set it alight, it gets burnt, and with some of the new texture mapping, embers can easily be applied to them.