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Mouse cursor loses sync with its actual placement
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After 10 - 25 minutes from starting the Alpha without any visual cue or technical hiccup the mouse cursor doesn't match up with where its designated to *click*. To select anything one must move cursor about 2 inches up and to the left (10 o clock) of the desired target area to make a successful selection. --Only effects menus / interfaces and NOT gameplay--


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start alpha
  2. Start showcase, editor, multiplayer, etc.
  3. 10-25 minutes in session problem arises
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Has been an issue since launch of Alpha in early March. Works fine on initial start up and restart for about 9 - 24 minutes. I have checked Windows dpi settings and messed with numerous in-game interface sizes to no avail.

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This happens to me whenever I start the game. The cursor appears to the left of where the actual mouse is pointed. As I move the mouse to the right the offset becomes larger. As I move left the offset becomes smaller until at the very left edge the mouse and cursor align as they should.

After I alt tab out and in again everything usually re-aligns itself and works fine. Doesn't really effect gameplay but does make navigating the menus a chore.

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Alt+TAB helps ;), but issue very actual

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Related to #246

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate but zour report was added to the issue 246.

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