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*ability to disarm any explosive, even one you or your friendly's placed.

*to get rid of hacking.

*I like to carry a bucket/Boonie hat and a helmet in the game(to switch out on the fly), it would be nice to have a extra slot for your helmet in inventory(to not take up so much room in backpack) and have it visually hang off your backpack or belt when not wearing it. ( this is how we do it in real life.)

*At least one fast air soon to test and play with.

*A black-Hawk or bigger troop chopper for blue soon to test and play with.

*More weapons to test and play with.

*Disposable one piece AT LAW or M72.

*A way to rearm mortar/arty when you add arty(oh and add arty).

*underwater charges/explosives (ability to place and detonate C4 underwater).

*better daytime tracer effect, night looks good!( my opinion to thick in daylight).

*repair truck, ammo truck, fuel truck, troop truck, salvage and engineer truck like in Arma2.

*Hummers will probably be around in 2030 I say add them (just saying).

*ability to dig trench/foxhole(infantry).

*para-drop/chutes and a plane to jump from.

....that's all for now! i am not here to mess around lets build the best game ever! :) :)


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shouldn't request more than 1 thing on each ticket my friend.

please produce multiple tickets with some more information...
please also note ALPHA stage your lucky that there even is a ALPHA stage hardly any companies allow this.
give them a break :(

Please divide this issue to separte ones.

Thank you.

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