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Haxor trying to get his point across
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Every server INCLUDING offline servers initiated on LAN Multiplayer scenarios eventually crash in a sense in that all players get sucked into a black hole above the airfield. Yes, I know what I just wrote. Players suspend at the event horizon and do not spaghettify. A message flashes above the screen from an anonymous haxor claiming that glitches will continue to occur as long as a certain file is not removed from the library. This leads me to believe this a developer who is taking a political stance on some developmental issue. If that's the case, it's an even bigger bummer because, you already have our money at ALPHA... we're your investors. Just because you say its an alpha doesn't mean we get a lemon. We expect timely updates and attention to the build by at least one developer 24/7. OK... maybe 18/6. But still. Throw a dog a bone. We love you... don't hoe us out. Get fix'n... (in my best Chapelle voice) chop chop, bitch!! {F19109}


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Game Freezes
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Play any multiplayer game server on 4/23/2013 and now 4/24/2013

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I appreciate your attention to this matter.

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Individual reports of hacking have no place here. Until AC is implemented, nothing can be done about it.