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Inconsistant gear count across platforms in Co-Op
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Last night we had another problem with the Gear loaded in vehicles. My partner and I continued a saved game where we had gear loaded into choppers. when we got into a chopper to get some inlaw rounds, the chopper was telling me there were (2) inlaw rounds but telling him there were (5). I added a round and the chopper then indicated there were (3) rounds from my perspective but (6) rounds from his perspective. There seems to be an overall malfunction with regards to the gear across platforms over the internet when continuing saved games.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. start a co-op game with a partner. Be sure to select "Internet" and not "Lan" to reproduce.
  1. load several inlaw rounds into a chopper.
  1. fly somewhere and pull a round or 2 from the chopper and fire them off.
  1. Save the game and both players completely exit the game.
  1. Both players re-launch the game and continue (over the internet) where you left off.
  1. Go to the choppers inventory and see if you get the same problem we get with a conflicting number of inlaw rounds or other gear.
  1. Hopefully you get the same problem we have been getting so I don't look foolish.

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We weren't able to reproduce this. Can you provide us with more detailed info and perhaps a video of this issue?

Thank you.

Please tell me what software I need to take video for this and I will take it from there. I tried using Replay Video Capture but it did not work. Thanks.

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Closing due to lack of info / response in a long time.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it and make sure to include all necessary information (files etc.).