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Suggest: "Take available weapons" command for unarmed AI
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One thing is missing as I know in the whole OFP/ARMA series - option to give a simple command to unarmed members of players unit to arm themselves with weapons around them. I know that there is on option to send a solider to some container and then manage his inventory but that suitable to safe areas/situations only and it takes lot of time. Imagine that you are leader of 10 headed squad - you pick up weapon and then you must literary "pick it up yourself" for any other member of you group. It takes time and is absolutely useless in combat situation.

So there should be a simple command similar to "Rearm at.." like "Pick weapons around if you can." to order your mates to arm themselves with the closest weapon they see (in boxes, on corpses etc) or search in close range around them to find some.

[EDIT] Also there should be similar but separate command for trow away weapon and pick another for a situation when team member ran out of ammo and have no option to grab ammo for his particular weapon.


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I know that this can lead to situations like AI running across the street under enemy fire just to take a pistol with 3 rounds in just because its the closest weapon but even that will be better than 10 rounds of saying "Take this" in the middle of trying to flee from enemy prison escort just when you managed to free yourself.

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It works flawlessly. You only need to order the AI to go no nearby body or other source of ammo/weapons and you can tell him to rearm.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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