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Crash when trying to bind controls (drag and drop)
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See steps to reproduce. I have tested with "Mouse Left" but managed reproduce the same crash with other control options (such as TrackIR). Also, see attached crash reports.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to keyboard controls inside the "View" category.
  2. Click on "Zoom out" option.
  3. Drag "Mouse Left" option on the right side to the left zone.
  4. Crash.
Additional Information

Could't attach the crash report because of file size limit. Here is a direct link to my Dropbox account:

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thank you for great repro steps:)

I encountered this while trying to change helicopter controls for Cyclic right, which crashes when dragging and dropping from the special keys on the right.

This also applies to drag and drop when dragging players to slots in multiplayer! Instant crash.

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Issue is fixed in 0.57.

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Still occurs for me.

Should be fixed in latest version.

Mass close.