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IDEA: Making the character roll with the camera in vehicles (CTRL+Q/E)
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So today i found out that if you hold Left control and E / Q at the same time, your camera rolls. It's still a little edgy since it responds rather slow, but it could be useful in another way than just getting your view horizontal in different orientations.

I started a mission where you have to drive a pickup truck. Driving into a roadblock and clearing it out, i was about to drive off again but then i thought of something; that camera view you get when you roll all the way to the side in a car would be perfect to avoid getting hit.

It's always been a problem in arma that someone can just shoot at you in your car and your character sits there like he doesn't care. This, however, lets you protect yourself a little. Letting them duck completely out of sight would add even more depth to it, since the player has no idea where he's going, giving him a disadvantage and an advantage, adding more tactical options to the game.


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  • This is not a bug (don't know how you can recommend stuff)
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To roll hold left control and then Q or E, tried this in helicopters as well as in cars. Stuff like ATV's have not been tried out yet.

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