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Horrible performance with specs higher than/equal to "recommended" specs.
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Okay i just tried playing again and it is not as hideous as i described. I finished all the showcases with a playable framerate, but some optimisation will be nice, since trees do kind of slow the game down, this topic is no longer as important to me.

Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 *4049 MB memory* (Most recent drivers, tried on previous drivers too)

Processor: Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz (8CPU's), ~3,4 GHz

RAM: 8.2 GB (8192 MB RAM)

Space: 1.5 Terrabite 800GB free

DirectX: 11

Resolution: 1920x1080x32
*Monitor is not the problem, i can play many games on 60fps+*


Alright. So you can tell from the title that my framerate is complete TRASH even with a good rig.

  • The processor is VERY good, beats the recommended specs by a lot
  • RAM is more than enough
  • Free space is no problem
  • Graphics card is the one recommended by the devs.

*Recommended specs written by developers, copied from steam.*

-OS:Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1
-Processor:Intel Core i5-2300 or AMD Phenom II X4 940 or better
-Memory:4 GB RAM
-Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7750 with 1 GB VRAM or better
-Hard Drive:20 GB HD space

Okay so now you can see that everything i have is better than the recommended settings. Only my video card is the exact same as the recommended. RECOMMENDED, keep that in mind! It's not minimum so i should at least be able to play on the lowest settings with a good framerate.

Here's how bad it is; I spawn a littlebird or just on foot in the editor airport, i fly around on a variety of settings and EVEN on the very lowest settings, where everything looks like a polygon if it's 50m away from you. Even then my framerate keeps shapeshifting from 5 to 20. I know Arma is a game that doesn't go near 60fps, but trust me it's unplayable.

Also in the infantry scenario showcase, it takes half a second for me to aim down my sights and there's a very annoying delay in aiming around due to bad FPS. All this has been tried on many different settings, even on the lowest possible with the ingame menu settings.

In short: player's specs beat and/or match recommended specs, yet player has ridiculous framerate lag even when only running around town on his own.


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Steps To Reproduce

(Works for me of course)

  • 1. Go to editor and spawn a littlebird at airfield
  • 2. Fly around the nearby town and watch your framerate have a rave party
  • 3. Mess around with settings, notice that even the lowest settings give you this issue.
    • OR --------
  • 1. Go to editor and spawn 1 soldier in the middle of mentioned town
  • 2. Run around and witness horrible fps
  • 3. ~
    • OR --------
  • 1. Launch the infantry (or any other) showcase
  • 2. Notice how your aim is massively delayed and how it gives you a big disadvantage
Additional Information

*I DO have many rendering settings off/low, postprocessing (known to cause lag) is off*

*So there's my problem. Great specs yet unplayable due to framerate, even with only 1 unit on the chart it is laggy as hell.

*I do play arma 2 on high settings, except for some rendering settings on low/medium. My framerate is great on that, even in big firefights it drops to a maximum of 15 which is good for arma.

*Games like battlefield 3 run on normal settings because i prefer 60fps over a lower fps with better graphics.

*Systemrequirementslab's "can you run it" fills the bar completely.

!I don't need people to tell me that my pc is bad or anything, thank you, but the problem is that my specs beat and match the recommended specs, yet it doesn't work at all.

  • I hope i gave enough info, additional information may be provided if asked for --

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Tried turning off the vSync ?
No delay here..

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Hi Kid18120, i think i already had that on and I think that's recommended for my specs. The game is very playable last time i tested it so i'll update the thread with my settings, thanks for suggesting.

Ok i can't update it anymore since it's assigned, but my framerate issue is definately tuned down.

This is what i did:

  1. I hit autodetect on video settings
  2. I fine tuned it by turning post processing from low to off for better fps and i switched texture quality from normal to high.

Basically you just have to hit autodetect, finetune that and hope it helps.

Walking through forests or just looking at them drops the framerate quite a bit though. And zooming in while aiming down your sights can also make the game stutter a lot, i hope you guys can optimise that.

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According to author not a problem anymore.