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[DEV] APERS Mines appear differently depending on the angle you look at them.
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When in 3rd person view, APERS mines appear as a small rhombus on the floor. If you change the angle slightly towrds the mine there body will seem to "appear".

This makes you less able to spot them in 3rd person view that in 1st person:
-In FP view the mine will appear complete (and easy to spot) just before you enter it's detection radius.
-In TP view by the time it shows you are already on it, and potentially dead. {F19079} {F19080} {F19081}


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Not A Bug
Steps To Reproduce

-Spawn as a BLUFOR explosive specialist.
-Select in the menu "Put APERS Mine"
-Walk back 1 or 2 paces
-Look at it on TP view and rotate your head to show when it appears complete.

Additional Information

Advised way to fix: Make APERS mine appear around 5 or 10 meters.
Maybe add a way to bury them, making only the rhombus appear but taking more time.

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