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Weapons and weaponsystems request
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I saw this and thought about some additions to that:

I don't know, if these weapons will already be implemented, but I would like to see the HK G28 DMR, which shell be a very easy to handle and perfectly accurate designated marksman rifle (DMR).

And the HK 121 or MG5.

The USMC is implementing the HK 417 in a variant as a LMG. It supports your integrated approach with your MX SW. But the german military tried that with the G36 series. Possibly because they planed it badly, but the integrated approach failed there. The MG36 was just slightly better than the G36 as a LMG and with the 5.56 round even the HK MG4 had a problem penetrating the walls in Afghanistan. So they ordered the MG5 with it's 7.62 round. And I am very unsatisfied with the MX SW as the MG for BlueForce compared to the Mk. 200 for the OpForce. Because the Mk. 200 seems to kick ass =).

McMillan Tac-50

I don't know, what experts say about these weapons and their role in future combat, but they seem to be great weapons.

I would also like to see (and I don't want to see it in a mod) the Leopard 2 (e. g. A7+ PSO) [BlueForce] in an ARMA game. That would be really great, especially because it shall be the best tank in the world today. Followed by the T90 and the M1A1 Abrams.

Troop carrier (They aren't really necessary, but definitly a big development to deal with IEDs. Especially the Caiman was.):
BAE Caiman ( [BlueForce]
KMW Grizzly ( [OpForce]

Puma ( [BlueForce]
Combat Vehicle 90 ( [OpForce]

Mobile Artillery:
Archer Artillery System ( [BlueForce/ OpForce]
PzH 2000 ( [BlueForce/ OpForce]
I rather have liked to see this baby, than the M4 Sorcher. Best Arty System today, even better than the Archer and that thing is good!

Transport Helicopter:
NH90 ( [BlueForce/ OpForce]
AW109/ AW139M ( (BlueForce)

Attack Helicopter:
CAIC WZ-10 ( [OpForce]
HAL Light Combat Helicopter ( [OpForce]
Eurocopter Tiger ( [BlueForce]

Fighter Jets:
Really, only the L159 ... That’s again very bad for the OpForce. I would really like to see other great russian jets, which are a match for a F35B. In Arma 2, the russians were also really underrepresented with just the Su-25 and Su-34. Not a single MIG. That was sad.

Jets I would like to see:
Su-47 ( [OpForce]
Su-50 ( [OpForce]
Shenyang J-31 ( [OpForce]
Eurofighter Typhoon ( [BlueForce]
Yes, I know. Who needs that thing. But I think it would be great to see it in the game, but after all of the other three ;).

I don't know how the full game will look like, but I think these suggestions aren't too bad. And I am sure you already put a lot of time into choosing the stuff you added to the game and I have a great deal of respect for the game and your decision to make a realistic game, when it's so much easier (not the programming, but the financing) to make a casual game. I am a fan and want to take my chance of influencing the game I will play and hopefully love, like I did with Arma 2 (played Arma 2 339 hrs and Arma 2 OA 394 hrs according to steam ^^, so 733 hrs of pure love ;)). I know, you focus on the infantry combat and I like that. All of my suggestions shall only be ideas to make the game even better.

Although, I don't understand, why you always choose real life factions. Just call 'em west and east or north and south or blueforce and redforce. Then it would be easier to balance them with some western tech, if necessary ;).


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