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hard to distinguish friendly vs enemy targets in multiplayer
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It was hard to distinguish friendly vs enemy targets in multiplayer games. When you point a cross-hair on a target it should maybe display the target's name in red if it's an enemy and in green if it's a friendly. Neutral target names may be color-coded in yellow for instance.

This was confusing for me as well as many other players on the multiplayer server I was playing on as they were all complaining about this in the chat and via VOIP. I actually believe this leads to a lot of friendly fire and kills due to this ambiguity while most players are always trigger-happy.


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Also in multiplayer your squad members are marked with a white hexagon so they are easy to locate and these hexagons are visible from anywhere on the map. However the rest of your team is hard to keep track of because they don't have any such markers.

For example in multiplayer game when a helicopter drops off a bunch of your team members at a dangerous location everyone just spreads out quickly and sometimes everyone just goes their own separate ways randomly. If you follow one teammate then a few minutes later only two of you are together and you can't even tell where all the other teammates are that the helicopter just dropped off.

It would be nice to also have markers for all the members of your entire team and not just your squad members. This way you can instantly know each teammates position by looking around quickly. The hexagons for non-squad team members can just be different color or even different shape.

Also I think it would be nice to include the distance in meters underneath each such hexagon marker for convenience. Sometimes I see a squad member hexagon and I think he is right behind the hill while he was actually on the other side of the island.

That'll be too arcady, you're thinking CoD/MW.

That's the point, you fool gameflow.

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It depends on the server difficulty. On Regular and Recruit the friendly tags are shown above the entity after pointing at it.