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AI diver can't disarm moored mine while in water, but he can do it on land
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While underwater, I've ordered AI teammate diver demolitions expert to disarm nearby moored mine. He acknowledged receiving the order, but did nothing to execute it. Then (in editor) I've moved both of us and a mine to a land location and revieved the mission again. I've ordered disarming the mine and the AI diver crawled to it and disarmed it.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce


  1. Place a diver over the water and make it a player's character.
  2. Place a demolitions expert diver nearby.
  3. Place a moored mine (Empty/Mines/Naval mine) close to both of them.


  1. Make sure that the mine was spotted. Swim closer to it if necessary.
  2. Aim at the mine and press tilde for a quick menu
  3. Select "Disable mine"
  1. The diver will say "roger" but won't do anything.
  2. Get back to editor


  1. Place both divers and a mine exactly like before, but over the airfield's runway.
  2. Use the same method to order the diver to disarm the mine.
  1. Observe, that he acknowledges, crawls to the mine and disarms it.
Additional Information

AI needs to enter a crawl, in order to safely disarm the mine and it's correct. But it can't "crawl" underwater, so the disarming routine blocks itself.

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I've had the exact same trouble, the diver will orient towards the moored naval mine, their status actually changes to "fire" and they acknowledge, but do nothing.

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