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[Feature request] Lowering weapons for immersion
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Something that's always bothered me about ARMA is how everyone *always* has his weapon up. From videos I've seen, people often lower their weapon when not firing.

I guess this request is really twofold - one to increase the speed of lowering and raising your weapon (currently it's quite slow).

The second (and probably controversial one) - is to add a difficulty option which makes the unit slowly lose aiming stability while the weapon is raised.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but guns are heavy, and I lost stability after aiming unsupported after five minutes or so.


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The second one is a nice idea,but I don't like the first one.

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In this way an unarmed stand, rifle shouldered and pistol in holster, would complete the main idea to reduce physical effort.

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@AD2001: Why wouldn't you want to be able to lower your weapon quicker? what possible negative impact could it have on gameplay?

Both ideas are good, I don't like people always having their gun up either.

There's plenty of ways BIS can encourage people to lower their guns between fire-fights, such as reduced stamina drain.

But right now there are some control issues surrounding the animation/movement system which makes lowering your weapon a pain, so ideally those would need to be fixed first.

Upvoted anyway

I sort of get what you are saying, but I dont think it fits in a combat game setting if it becomes to tedious. That, and in some communities you are "forced" to have your weapon down etc. So its already possible and in the game, but as a toggle...

Not really the reason I posted. I actually think you will like this DayZ video blog:

Skip to 04:50 if the link dosent work correctly.
Thats is kinda what you mean if I understand you correctly.


It could actually work in A3 too.

For example:
The weapon is down, even when you are standing still, by default UNLESS you are in optics mode or tactical pace.

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