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multiplayer objectives are not very unclear
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When playing multiplayer missions it's not very unclear what to do next. I spent a lot of time just running around in the middle of nowhere and the distances are pretty long. Sometimes there are very little or almost no cars in some multiplayer games. I think it would be better for the multiplayer objectives to be more clearly defined on the area map UI or in the mission briefing objectives on that same screen. Some icons on the area map are not very clear and they should all have tool tips at least explaining what exactly these markers are. It should be easier somehow to find out where the concentration of friendly and enemy players is or where all the action is taking place at the moment to get there more quickly.


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That is not an ArmA 3 issue, as far as I can see.
Mission Briefing and markers are done by the mission makers. If you have any suggestion about a specific mission you have played then you should direct that to the mission maker that actually made this mission.

Also, your ticket itself is very unclear, because your headline suggests you'd like to see lesser clarification instead of more.

Make sure you play missions on recruit or lower difficulty and you'll get waypoint markers, in the built-in missions.

For everything else, it's what huorn said.