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Helicopter Keybindings
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I want to remap A & D to turn left and right, however they are forever bound to bank left/right. Bank left/right are nowhere to be found to unbind them.
Also, move head up cannot be unbound from left control. Originally I had space as raise collective and left control to lower collective.

The main issue here is that it seems that most default helicopter keybindings are permanently bound.

-rename cyclic left/right to bank left/right
-rename turn left/right to yaw left/right
-add keybind option for move head up/back
-add a new preset as described below



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Copy this control scheme for ARMA 3 helicopters:

Cyclic Forward - mouse up
Cyclic Backward - mouse down
Cyclic Left - mouse left
Cyclic Right - mouse right
Left Turn - A
Right turn - D
Collective Raise - W
Collective Lower - S

The rest of the helicopter controls are default.

Additional Information

For the record, this is how to make the choppers control like Battlefield 2.
I think it should also be a usable preset. I think most people might fly easier with this setup so that more players can enjoy flying.

BF2 alike setup:
Cyclic Forward - mouse up
Cyclic Backward - mouse down
Bank Left - mouse left
Bank Right - mouse right
Yaw Left - A
Yaw Right - D
Collective Raise - W
Collective Lower - S

Also on the options when keybinding, there should be a visual description of what it does.

Like this for instance: Bank left/right shows a helicopter and arrows curving down from the sides.

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I actually fly like that in ArmA 2 and 3 and not to be selfish but I'm considered to be one of the most capable ArmA 2 and 3 pilots a lot of players have ever seen.

Been playing around with it more and noticed that sometimes it will work and immediately stop working. Also, turn left/right will also bank instead of turn.
This is getting annoying now.

Even changing the user file with all the keybindings and still no luck.
It always goes back to banking instead of yawing.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Awesome, love that there is an actual response!