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Transparent pixel causes image in dialogs to become entirely transparent
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Any image with a transparent pixel, will become entirely transparent in game. Amount of pixels, transparency level, do not seem to matter.

This could not be reproduced in A2. It has been tested with same files/demo mission. Screenshots displaying the results can be found below:
Results in A2

Results in A3


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Create an image with an alpha layer.
  • Put a solid black box (or any other color) in this image.
  • Put a transparent pixel or similar somewhere.
  • Convert to .paa
  • create dialog with image
  • observe result
Additional Information

I've included a demo mission with an example dialog, showing a collection of 6 images, all with variations of transparent pixels and one without.

Repro Mission Download:

All but the one without transparent pixels, display the same result. Every variation image has been based on the example_image1, which is an all solid image without any transparency.

It does not seem to differ how much the transparency level is. Most have 99% transparency level, some 50% or 20%. Of course, the large black box is 100% solid.

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I tested it in latest Stable A3 release 0.60 and error still occurs. I tried different input images (PNG 32bit w/ Alpha mask, TGA with Alpha mask layer) converted in Bohemias TexView2 to *.paa files. Colourful images in Texview2 work, base image and alpha mask are shown properly. When in game they become single colour (grey), semi-transparent images.
Would be nice to hear if there is solution for that issue. It may hold many mod developers.

Tested in 0.74 and still same problem any chance of a work around????? The problem is with dialogs with rounded corners

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