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AH-9 / MH-9 should be in a NOTAR configuration - more fitting with Arma3 futuristic design
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Have a look at the picture.

NO TAil Rotor advantages:

  • quieter (important for covert insertions)
  • safer (no turning parts = no risk)
  • less vibration (mounted guns could be more accurate)


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This would be even nicer touch, since we have stealth helicopters for BLUFOR, underlining their advancements in rotorcraft area over the other factions.

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Question is: How in the name of **** does it keep stable with only the main rotor ?

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You have to admit that it looks ugly though :P

Ugly, but cool. Modern, futuristic, high-tech and unusual :)

+1 great for stealth missions and futurist look (42 years after Battle of Mogadishu, Bluefor uses the same design)

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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@Astaroth, ticket can be closed as it's not a bug, but a simple wish.

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