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How lights should affect the player
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for example if you stare directly at a light source (at night) everything behind it should be practically impossible to see since you eyes have adjusted to the bright light and once you look away from the light there should be a few seconds if not minutes of recovery for your eyes to readjust to the dark.

right now the actual light source just seem to be another effect layer that has no effect on the player's sight, the glare should cover the majority of the screen to recreate the real life effect. it should really be added as it is a large scenario changer.


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just play arma3 and look at any light source

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See Bug #0000931. We already know the lighting is quite dim compared to real lighting.

You also have to take into consideration, there are real human eyes looking at the monitor as well, being subjected to bright lights. This means, trying to balance realism with the similation is going to be extremely difficult, to include the persons health and age.

I'm guessing, a lot of this is not at all pertinent at this time, and will likely be looked into after Bug #0000931 is closed or in the process of being closed.

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well it doesn't have to be 100% realistic just realistic enough to become
another variable in the game's outcome. there will always be a difference between reality and simulation so there is no use arguing about being spot on with reality. Its just not going to happen. and so long as you have some back lighting the monitor should not pose such a problem to the person playing.

also i am not talking about the dimness of the lights. I have been to some of those issues but i am talking about the affect lights should have on the player, NOT the affect lights should have on the environment.

^This^ (0007571) is a completely different issue compared to the one you have posted (0000931) so i don't know where you are trying to get by telling me about it.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.