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[Suggestion] Add true 21:9 screen support
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Add true 21:9 aspect ratio screen support into ArmA3.
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Test-Video (german though)showing the increased peripheral vision in various games.: {F19038} {F19039}


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Hi, i have added two screenshots from a "different game" that shows the increase of vision on a properly set-up game for 21:9 screens.

Its amazing.

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Its future, so consider it please

In reality how many of us have a Monitor in that Aspect?

I run a pair of Monitors and love it, truth be told I would prefer a Tri-Screen Setup, because at least I can set up Left - Centre - Right.

I would never be running a huge Single Screen setup, and I don't see why such an unusual Standard would be adopted - 21:9, Ultra-wide how many Users will have a Single point of failure like this in a PC Rig when you could have Several Cheap ones ?

I would adopt an Ultra-Wide if is was curved and allowed for a peripheral vision, but then your head would be too close unless it was like 4 metres long.

21:9 is not unusual, it's fairly common in movies.

Ultra wide aspect ratios are coming, and implementing them should be simple. Many games already support completely arbitrary aspect ratios (a lot of windowed 3d games for example).

Icchan added a comment.Aug 1 2013, 7:37 AM

Solution with config file editing:

Quote from link:
Documents > ARMA 3 Alpha > yourprofilename.Arma3AlphaProfile

The first part is experimenting with fovTop. Then dividing the width of my monitor's resolution by the height and multiplying that number with whatever fovTop is. I tried values between 0.55 and 1.10. Ended up settling on the default 0.75. The best fovTop value may depend on the resolution height of your display.

2560 / 1080 = 2.37037037037037.

2.37037037037037 x 0.75 = 1.777777777777778.

The engine will automatically adjust the number or shorten it. This should work for any of the ARMA games. The trick is to experiment with the fovTop and find out which looks best to you on your display.


These settings work, I use it myself on my ultra wide display. (2560x1080, 21:9)

Now this would only need to be an option in the game, or better yet, not an option at all since aspect ratio should always be calculated from the resolution.

Possible exception to this would be Oculus Rift, but since I'm not sure how Oculus rift works, I'm not sure if it applies there.

NeZz_DK added a subscriber: NeZz_DK.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

this is a duplicate of #0012696

I tried to gather all the new options in one issue.

note: several new aspect ratios were added to dev branch 1.3.x, including 21:9

The aspect ratios were added however it does not give real support for those ratio's since the field of view stays the same as with 16:9.

There is a way to make it all look the same size and that is by setting your field of view to 60, however then you see even less then with 1 monitor.

A game like DCS has proper support for 3 monitors and there you can really see the big difference.

This problem is still in the 1.3.5 dev build.

This is a screenshot with 3 monitors with a field of view of 60, this is to make everything look pretty much the same size on the monitors.

This is a screenshot of the same situation however on 1 monitor with 16:9 ratio.

Due to having a field of view of 90 you are now able to see more, with less monitors.

Here are another couple of screenshots showing a game with true widescreen support.

I find it rather strange that people claim this to be fixed when it has not been fixed, the aspect ratio's are wrong and the game does not spread the field of view proper on 3 monitors even with the new aspect ratio.