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Teamswitch: Units plopping away.
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If you
(1) can teamswitch between several units and
(2) get in control of and leave the units one by one using teamswitch dialogue,
you have a good chance of units plopping away. That means, units change their position (location) within moments and get to a position, where the player got in 'character-control' of them the first time.


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Steps To Reproduce

Use the attached mission,
extract 'teamswitch_analysis.Stratis'
copy it into '.../[user]/documents/Arma 3 Alpha/missions' (or equal)
load 'teamswitch_analysis' in editor and PREVIEW it.

Place a group of playable units on Stratis. (I used: Teamleader, Marksman, Medic, AT, Automatic)
Teamswitch to every unit using teamswitch dialogue.
Switch back to Teamleader and move at least ten meters to a significant location (=a rock, a concrete wall, a car, whatever).

Switch to every unit one after another and gather the units near the teamleader.

If you don't notice anything unusual, repeat these steps within the same session and try to reproduce them as fast as you can. It might help to accelerate the time to double or times four - probably because of increased workload for your CPU.

Additional Information

Additional information is given in the attached mission.
On YouTube I have uploaded the beginning of the mission. You can see it on
(Duration: 3:40 min. First plopping effect: 1:40 min.)

Making this video I realized, that 'plopping' is more a kind of 'glitching'. But this happens realy fast and sometimes through walls, so that plopping still fits better.

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Would like to hear, if anyone else has the problem with (teamswitched) units plopping away. Please test it and leave your comment here. Thanks.

Still reproducible in 0.61.105957

Still reproducible in 0.61.106195

Seems to be solved. This bug didn't occur in beta-phase.

Recommend to close. - Greetings.

As of SPOTREP No.00011 this issue is solved:
◾Removed occasional animation glitch after Team Switch

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