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Arma 3 Editor - FEATURE request: Make ai Use flashlight in guard mode and flares
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We all who make mission have a little thing we always want to add to make that spesific night mission with the perfect tip of the AI using the flashlight guarding around while they patrol a forrest,Base or looking for the players.

So far we have tried many ways to get this working and its not working so far.

Want i want to request its a new set of animation&waypoint&Behaviour.

Animation: guard with gun on back or relaxed in front, using a flashlight looking around "searching" For enemies in relaxed/safe/limited speed state behaviour or just light up the path.

this would in ..can't say, how many times this would my mission for me and i KNOW others, make the night operations sucsessfull. giving it that immersive feel to the night operations.

YES! I know that soldiers use nightvision, but maybe sometimes we want them to not wear them at all time and use a flashlight?.

Second: Make the ais to shoot flares when in danger situasions.



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Make group in editor.

make waypoint, with these conditions

Behaviour: Safe

Speed: Limited

Feature: Use Flashlight

Feature: Enable Flare usage.

Nighttime, No flashlights ofc.
Add this :)

Additional Information

I will think that this is a small request as it have been a problem since arma 2.

I beg for this as it will really make the editor and game more impressive.

The people who vote this, Thanks!

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Thank you so much.