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Switching between prone / sitting low and low crouched is too fast and unrealistic
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When you switch from low crouch to, to sitting low, and then to prone, the anims are far too quick. Fully laden with gear, the speed is far to quick in game compared to what is achievable in real life.

All other stances can be switched fast, lowering a bit at a time. But to switch from crouch low, to sitting down, and then to facing forward prone, takes some effort and time, compared to what is currently performed in game.

Ideally, the anim should be reduced in speed of transition by at least a half most preferably reduced to 1/3 of the current speed. Currently it feels far to swift and looks arcade like and unrealistic.


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Steps To Reproduce

Switch from crouching low, to sitting, then to prone, and reverse, using the default keys... ctrl + s repeatedly, and then ctrl + W repeatedly. Then try it in real life, with several KG of weight attached to you, and holding a rifle ;)

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Currently using the dev build 0.55.104268

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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sorry mate, this is compromise for consistency