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MXM can't use 100Rnd tracer magazine when it should
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I was on a mission and met up with a truck. Searched the truck and took four 100Rnd magazines. Then I realised that I still used one magazine. So I checked my inventory and I was like what? So I checked the "Used by" on the 100Rnd mag. So it better have been a bug.
So when you use the MXM you can't take an 100Rnd tracer magazine (or without the tracer). It even says that you can use the magazine on the gun too.
Used in: MX/C/M <---/SW/3GL
I have NOT tried to reproduce this glitch on normal 100Rnd magazines or other magazines than this. So if you can/can't reproduce it then it's problem with the tracer one.


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Simply spawn an 100 round tracer magazine and try use it on the MXM. Doesn't work at all and made me a little bit mad since I had only ONE magazine left in the mission I was in.

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I can't post my picture which had proof that it said MX/C/M and the vehicle since the file was for some reason 3 megabyte.

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the MXM rifle CANNOT fire the 100rnd box mag because the mag is 6.5mm,while the rifle fires 7.62mm rounds.And whilist the mag says it can be used in the MXM rifle,that is most likely a developer mistake.

@DaSergant: Hum, no, the MXM was switched to 6.5mm in the last update, because the fact it fired 7.62mm rounds was itself a dev's mistake.

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100 Rnd magazine is now only used in MX SW.
So this can actually be marked as fixed.

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