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Request: volume and weight for every item interchangeable and for cargospaces
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I would like to request correct sizes and weights for every item, like it was in arma 2 ACE mod.
This way you can ensure the proper relation between loadouts, mobility, tactics, preparation, advantages in defensive and active actions.
I am offering myself for collecting informations about the items, rifles, vests, ammo, items, backpacks, vehicle cargos.
I already have done some research for ACE mod.


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I think this is essential for a realistic mobility system of a player.

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Y u no upvote your own issue?

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what is the possible outcome of an answer to your question?

Some people don't want to have the feeling of the ACE mod on Arma, for me it would be too complicated.
While Arma tries to make a compromise between simulation and fun, ACE is really pushing the simulation side too far for some players.

They are great mods,and they are also great as mods!


that is ok.

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I think its must have, if we have "gear space" limitations and restrctions

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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showing some activity

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