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Explosive Barrels, slowly tip over when shot 10 times
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Explosive Barrels, slowly tip over when shot 10 times, and they turn the same direction when shot form all sides.

And the barrels clip into each other, there's no collision mesh.

Attaching screenshots {F18979} {F18980} {F18981} {F18982}


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Game Physics
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Shoot a barrel 10 times, and it will tip on a pivot off of the bottom edge.

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They're not really explosive barrels... They are marked as containing a flammable substance. Shooting them does not mean they will explode. Maybe (In real life) they will catch fire. The only way you will get some type of explosion is with a pressurized system and an existing flame.

Yea, your right, but that was an after thought anyway, I'm used to them exploding in other games, but yea your right about them catching fire and not exploding.

The bug i reported was about the tipping over in slow motion on a pivot.