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Knowing your Teammates
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Hi there,

I have something I'd like to point out in the game play.

In a real world scenario, although you might not be able to see your own team, when you do, you would know, either by identifying characteristics or by intuition, who are your teammates, essentially it would come down to, when you are deployed, you would know your team. So, it is very difficult to distinguish between friendly and enemy characters.

My suggestion is, when you are able to see your teammates, that it would be easy do distinguish them from enemy forces, is there not a way that it could be indicated, other than cammo, position or rifles. bay either a green indicator or something of the sort, to tell you as a player, who are your teammates, including vehicles. to date, there is an icon above the squad leader that allows you to identify them. leave that be, but just a green symbol or something making it easier, again, this is in aid of better game play.

Kind Regards


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Isn't there something like this ingame already? The diamond indicator of team players?

Also the shacktac variant of the squad radar is very useful and greatly increases the fireteam situational awareness and promotes teamplay.

Yes, but just now on a server, friendly fire occurred from chopper missiles, what i'm talking about is a constant indicator without hover, like with the team indicator, something similar, only name on hover extra

You already have a decent setting (default in recruit and regular difficulties) that show your teammates icons (and names when you aim at them).

If a player gets his shit wrong and teamkills, for bad situational awareness or bad aiming or whatever else, it's his own fault and needs to practice more.


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In real war you have no chance to identify people. You know if its friendly or not because you know they are deployed there.
2 friendly groups not knowing each other is very dangerous, 1 shot, and they will kill each other, no matter if its friendly fire or not.

Oldirty, exactlty.
In fact, in my case, i play without any icon except objetives. Two year playing and still have some orientation problems. But when i learn more, i will play whitout any icon of any kind.

So, Turmoil_OZ, I suggest you practice and patience ;)


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