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more customization would be nice.
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  • It woud be nice to see a face paint editor of some sort so you can create your own camo face paint on your characters face.
  • It would be nice to see a few standard nato forces in this game, Canada,USA,British etc. im Canadian and would love for us to have our Digi camo clothing etc and a few of our vehicles and weapons like the C7,C6,C8 & C9 and LAV 3 and Griffin helicopter as well as CF-18 superhornet(I am ex-canadian Infantry so if you need help with this just ask me)

*more hats, items and gun attachments

*im sure people would love to see the C7 globemaster and B2 Spirit

*and remember just cause this is semi-future style game dose not mean things used now will be obsolete in the future for example you still see revolvers in use today even though its a outdated gun and so forth.


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Please only make one specific report/request per ticket. Also, search before posting, because most of the stuff you mention has been requested before.