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Ability to carry .50 cal anti-material sniper rifles in the launcher slot
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I know there aren't any sniper rifles in Arma 3 right now, but when they are added into the game (probably in the Beta) I want the ability to carry them in the launcher slot if for example I want to clear my path to a certain location and set up an ambush there (something like an assault rifle/carbine/SMG+.50 cal).
I haven't done much researching so I'm sorry if this is a duplicate.
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I use the R3F weapon-mod and the "heavy" sniper rifles, like the PGM Hecate, are using both, rifle AND launcher slot and this is pretty annoying...

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What's annoying about it?

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You can't carry heavy rifles and a smaller rifle, but you can carry some heavy rifles and a launcher, or a rifle and a launcher.

Sidearms don't always have the range you want, your rifle slot and launcher will be taken by your sniper.

There's a mod for A2/CO that allows you to store a weapon on your back/in backpack and switch between the one in your main slot, as well as carry a launcher.

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Usually snipers go in teams of 2 ... spotter(with a rifle) and the sniper with the big gun. I think the best you can do is get a semi automatic pistol to use for close encounters. But i don't think that carrying an assault rifle + sniper rifle would be the best way to go

Do I understand this correctly that you want to be able to carry a full-sized assault rifle alongside a .50 sniper rifle?

Yes - Because US Marine Snipers do it at least. They have their precision M24, M110 or 50 cal alongside a standard M4/Carbine to blend in. Carrying a big rifle around makes you a target

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This is a dupe of #5374.