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Good work on everything so far love the Customization for the troops and etc. however did notice
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when in any sort chopper hovering over water about 3 meters, to drop swimmers off I get a really bad splash from the rotors pushing water around so bad I cant see to fly and land, however after managing to land the chopper the problem auto fixes, this is not a flaw I just think a chopper with doors and windows shouldnt have this chance of effect however maybe the little birds should since they have no doors


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hover over water with chopper, not sure if diver jumping out is true cause.

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good work guys and girls amazing job so far, but we really need more stuff(vehicles, weapons, planes, tanks and choppers etc as well as more equipment and weapon attachments) I would also like to see some of the best stuff from modern/ future times not just future and concept i am sure i speak for all when I say we would like to see all or most the arma2 OA weapons and most vehicles ie.. blackhawks, LAV3, FA18, FA22, B2 Spirit, Nimitz Carrier and so forth. anyways good work keep it up :)

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More stuff is coming, remember, it's still in alpha. And btw, I already told you on issue number 0007363 that I don't want a Nimitz in the Aegan sea.

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how do you not want a Nimitz, in real life the USA uses Carriers as off shore bases for mobilization into enemy territory so the fact that USA would be at Straits without at least 1 carrier is very highly unlikely as well you can base your seals on this carrier to give a more realistic game play to the people who choose divers.

and just as you told me your opinion I have the right to mine @$$ hole!

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come on guys clam down this is supposed to be a game we can all enjoy and have FUN! TOGETHER

regarding the carrier maybe it could be implemented as a static object instead so users have the option... :D there 2 birds 1 stone.

orrr if they decide not to implement it, there is a current carrier on WIP on armaholic :D looks good actually.... so chill out.

For the issue - that is not splash on windows it is a bug and it is already reported.

So we are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

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