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Game crash around helicopter eject
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My game is sometimes crashing around the time when infantry eject from the helicopter above the water, though it is possible that I've done something somewhere else in my mission to do it.

I've only been testing it in the editor so I don't know if that is a factor as well.

Crashing only started on the latest Dev Build (17/04/2013)

Including the mission file as well {F18935}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Copy my mission so you can use it in the editor
  2. Start the Editor.
  3. Choose Stratis.
  4. Click on the Preview button.
  5. Mission should start with you in cargo of the far north Helicopter (Heli1), wait till ejection

Game should (sometimes) crash not long after ejection

Additional Information

Crash Report

Dev Build (17/04/2013)

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I tried in actual Steam dev version (05.104166) and I did not have this crash. Can you please try it in latest version?

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I haven't had the problem since the update, it was happening every ~ 3-7 times. I tested it out about 20 times and didn't have the crash. You can close this ticket and I will re-open if it happens again, I will be keeping a close eye on that area so I can try to pinpoint the problem.


Ok, thank you for info. :)

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