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Can not use -connect to join any multiplayer server
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I am unable to use -connect and -port to join multiplayer servers. I am aware that the option works for most players, but I have never managed to connect to a server in this way. {F18931}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma 3 Alpha and connect to a multiplayer server using the in-game server browser. Having verified that the server works and that Arma can connect to it normally, close Arma.
  1. Start Arma with the appropriate -connect and -port parameters for the same server.

(I have tried both entering "arma3.exe -connect=foo -port-bar" manually on the command line, using server details from, and launching the game by pointing Play withSIX at the same multiplayer server. The results are the same.)

  1. Arma waits indefinitely and never joins the server (screenshot of waiting screen attached). I have tried waiting up to 15 minutes.
Additional Information

I have noticed that if I press Esc to stop waiting, and go to the in-game server browser, the server I tried to join, and any other servers hosted on different ports at the same address, are not visible. However, if I close Arma and start it normally again, I can verify that the server is still working.

I have what I believe to be the same problem with Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead (see

Since reporting the issue in Arma 2, I have changed motherboard, CPU, RAM, and Windows version (XP -> 7), to no effect. I am still using the same ATI Radeon HD 5670. In other respects, Arma 2 and 3 both play beautifully, and I have no unusual issues joining games with the in-game server browser.

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After checking logs, I've found that my router was causing the problem (Philips 11G-ADSL). Attempting to connect using command line parameters causes it to log "UDP Flood to Host", while connecting from the in-game browser does not. Turning off one of its firewall features fixes this issue.

On the off-chance somebody else with the same horrible router finds this, you need to disable "SPI and Anti-DoS firewall protection", at Firewall -> Intrusion Detection.

I do not know exactly what the criteria used by the router to detect a DoS are.

Can anybody shed any light on how Arma's network behaviour varies between connections from the in-game browser and connections via -connect?

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