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The sky and the clouds are visible even in thick fog
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This is my second ticket that's related to the same issue. The previous one got closed and "resolved" but I had expressed myself poorly and unfortunately the developer misunderstood my point. (

Here's the issue that I meant:

In thick fog, you shouldn't be able to see the sky at all, just the fog. Eg. if the visibility was 200 m in horizontal direction, you should see just fog above you – no sky, no clouds, just fog (an example picture attached).

The sky could "glow" a little bit though, but nothing on the sky should be seen unless it's an object that's closer to player than what the current visibility is (eg. chopper flying over player at 50 m altitude while the visibility in fog is 200 m). {F18927}


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Currently, the skybox and clouds are always visible, regardless of any settings:

  1. Add a playable unit in editor
  2. Set Overcast to maximum
  3. Set Fog to maximum
  4. Preview

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I'm sorry I missplaced screenshots.

In actual DEV version would fog look like this:

and if is not like this on steam at this moment; it will be in next update.

Please send us your opinion for this.

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Ah, that's exactly what I meant. Thanks for fixing it! :)

If it's possible, the sky could glow a little bit because of the light that gets through the fog.

Mass close.