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Entering a vehicle while applying FAK(self) causes the player character to enter the dead pose.
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If you enter the helicopter before the medkit animation completes the default camera direction for the player will be to have them looking at the cyclic.

I switched to an external camera and the cause seems to be the pilot entering the dead pose.

Re-entering the helicopter normally or re-entering after the FAK(self) animation has completed properly does NOT cause this issue.

I've repro'd this issue with the hunter also, seems to apply to all vehicles.


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Steps To Reproduce

Playing in 1st person.
Put the helicopter down a little too hard such that the pilots injured.
My helicopter had sustained amber damage to the INST (might be relavent).
Get out and apply a medkit.
Get back in the helicopter before the animation completes. (You'll hear the medkit application sound still playing once inside the chopper).
The pilot should now be looking at the cyclic.

EDIT CSR Kryssar:
Not a Med-Kid but FAK(self)

Additional Information

The look direction can be adjusted after the glitch occurs but if you try to centre the view back to normal using the button on the numpad it will revert to looking-down-at-the-cyclic orientation that it applied when you entered the vehicle.

I should add the FAK application sound doesn't always apply, it depends where in the animation cycle you were when you re-enter the vehicle.

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I've tried repro'ing this issue and I've done it 10 out of 10 attempts. This includes testing of normal re-entry and re-entry after FAK(self) application.

I am having the same issue. Related issue above. Sorry to double report.

Not valid anymore since one doesn't have the action to enter a vehicle if healing animation in progress.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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